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Processing Work under Contract

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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Processing Work under Contract

  1. The Institute now owns 14 commissioned processing factories. 7 of them are for pure manual processing, each of which contains sufficient human resources, about more than 100 workers. Professional processing factories include one for carpentry, one for pottery, and one for tailoring, with approximately more than 30 workers respectively. Besides working space, the factories also provide professional processing machines and equipment.
  1. Advantages for Commissioning the Institute for Processing Work
  • The manpower is abundant and centralized: Better than other OEMs because they need to waste more time and energy collecting and delivering materials.
  • The personnel cost is low: The companies can save the personnel cost for employing employees on their own.
  • Without the need for direct management: The Institute is in charge of production management, and the companies only need to offer skill guidance. They won’t have pressure because they rarely get in touch with the inmates.
  • Strict production management: Collecting materials, Distributing processing work, Quality control and acceptance, Completing reports, Delivering finished goods, Clearing remaining materials, Remuneration settlement. The companies will be contacted by one specifically assigned for the work.
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