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Q and A

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  • Last updated:2023-08-24
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Q: What are the rules for visiting the inmates?

A: The rules for visiting the inmates are as follow:

  1. The following subjects are allowed to visit the inmates:
  • Inmates serving prison sentence: Level four inmates serving prison sentence are only allowed to meet their relatives; those above level three are allowed to meet non-relatives; inmates without levels and not applicable for progressive corrective measures are limited to meet only the closest relatives and families.
  • Person liable to penalty: Person liable to penalty is allowed to meet relatives and friends.

The number of visitors is under 3 (exclusive of children under 12). For the family relationship with the visitors, the inmates shall make application and registration at the prison system with certification documents for ratification in advance or the visitors (relatives and families) shall prepare related certification documents during the visit.

  1. Visitors with one of the following conditions will be refused to visit the inmates or suspended from the visit:
  • Those without ID or other documents to prove their identity.
  • Those with the possibility to influence the Institute’s discipline or management.
  • Those with suspicious behavior, barefoot, in slippers or looking disheveled.
  • Those being alcoholic or with mental disorder.
  • More than three visitors request to meet the inmate simultaneously.
  • Those with weapons, arms, and prohibited items.
  • Impersonating others.
  • Those jeopardizing the inmates serving prison sentence (liable to penalty)’s benefits.
  • Those with other behaviors threatening the discipline for the visit.
  1. Frequency and Limitation for the Visit:
  • Inmates Serving Prison Sentence:
  1. Level 1: Without limitations (but the visitor can only register for the next visit in order after the visit).
  2. Level 2: Once every three days
  3. Level 3: Once to twice a week.
  4. Level 4: Once a week.

Q: What are the restrictions of the food the visitor brings for the inmate during the visit?

A: The food is limited to cans, candy and pastry, vegetables and fruit only in less than 2 kgs during each visit. Food with alcohol or raw, tea, food in crystal or powder (such as salt, sugar, powdered milk), liquid, and frozen food are not allowed. Please cut fish, meat or vegetables in long strips into chops (slices, pieces) and remove shells of seafood or nuts in advance. Canned food shall be opened in advance and put in another transparent plastic bag with its fluid removed. Fruit is allowed when cut open or peeled. The one giving the food shall fill in in detail the name, ID number, address, name of the sent item, quantity, relation with the inmate, and place buying the item on the form for items sending in during the visit. Those without identifying the place for buying the item are regarded as making it on their own and shall take liabilities if the item is involved in illegal matters.

Q: How do we make application for delivering things for the inmate?

A: To deliver items for the inmate, the inmate has to make application according to the rules in advance. After the application is approved, the inmate will send the package delivery form back to the relative (friends are not allowed to make delivery). Please deliver the package according to the item and quantity on the package delivery form. Please remember to stick the said “package delivery application form” to the exterior of the package; otherwise, the package will be rejected.

Q: How does the inmate apply for telephone meeting?

A: Inmates with one of the following conditions can apply for telephone meeting with specified reasons. The telephone meeting will take place after the ratification of the organization authority.

  • Those whose grandparents, parents, spouse, children currently with severe diseases.
  • Those whose family encountering natural disasters or major accidents.
  • Those whose relatives or families unable to meet them because they live far away, get old and weak, are disabled, too young and poor.
  • Those with other emergencies and in need of making contact with the closest relatives or families for solutions.

Q: What is the telephone number of Guard and Control Section? And fax number? Can I contact you via E-mail?

A: You can directly call Guard and Control Section at 089-891753 or 089-891743 #302 or 303. We will do our best to serve you. The fax number is 089-892340 or E-mail: tuvc@mail.moj.gov.tw. Welcome to make more use of them.

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