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Guard and Control

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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  1. Guard and Control Strictly
        With 24 hours assignments and uninterrupted supervise of the chief and manager of every section, security is properly handled. We also regularly hold educational events as well as emergency medical trainings, escape-prevention drills, fire-prevention drills, riot-prevention drills, typhoon-prevention drills, and earthquake-prevention drills.
  2. Inspect in Detail, Prevent Prohibited Items
        Anyone who is going to enter the control area needs to go through inspection procedures, leaving all prohibited items behind. All blocks are under regular and non-regular inspections too.
  3. Strengthen Pre-Service and In-Service Training
        Organizing education events are for newcomers to strengthen their abilities and familiarity with daily works. Regularly review every operation to improve the quality of work performance.
  4. Provide Two-way Communication
        Set up a suggestion box in every worksite as a channel of exchanging opinions. Regularly to hold a conference to receive inmates' needs as a reference of a management direction and a way to release inmates' pressure.
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