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Skill Training

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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Skill Training

  1. Introduction to Skill Training Program

    Currently, the Institute provides two occupational skill test programs, mud paving and interior carpentry, two traditional skill training programs, computer hardware maintenance and tailoring, and two occupational indigenous crafts programs indigenous weaving and indigenous glass beads. Each program accepts 10-20 trainees with the training duration of 5-11 months.

  1. Facility and Faculty

    Each occupational program is equipped with complete training space, machines, and equipment. The well-trained instructors also work hard to teach the trainees. The trainees of the occupational test programs are all assisted and guided to pass the skill tests for level C technicians of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor so as to enhance the inmates professional skills and increase their employment opportunities after they leave the Institute.

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