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Taiwan Taiyuan Prison was previously named Taiyuan Vocational Training Center which was associated to the third Occupational Training Quarter at Taiwan Garrison Command. It was designated to provide skill training and education discipline to inmates who were subjected to compulsory labor.


In 1987 July, central government in Taiwan announced the official termination of Martial Law and Taiwan Garrison Command was later shut down. On 15th Jan, 1988, Taiyuan Vocational Training Center was reassigned into the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice by the Executive Yuan and was renamed “Taiwan Taiyuan Prison”.


On 31st Jan, 1992, the Statute of Ministry of Justice’s Skill Training Institute was announced. In the same year, on July, this institution was rectified as Taiwan Taiyuan Skill Training Institute, also known as Taiyuan Branch, an division of Taitung Prison. Nowadays, this institution develops because of the affiliation being changed so that it has full name as Taiyuan Skill Training Institute, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice since Jan 1st,2011.

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