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Vocational Skill Training

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  • Last updated:2023-12-21
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The main purpose for skill training is to help inmates build up living skills and establish their own lives after regaining their identities. Plumbing & electrical-wiring class, architecture class, carpentry class, computer-installation class, cloth-making, aboriginal weaving class, and aboriginal liuli bead class are offered here in this institute.


0990202-Plumbing and Electrical-wiring ClassPlumbing & Electrical-wiring Class


0990202-Architecture ClassArchitecture Class


0990202-Carpentry ClassCarpentry Class


0990202-Computer-Installation ClassComputer-installation Class


0990202-Cloth-making ClassCloth-making Class


0990202-Aboriginal Weaving ClassAboriginal Weaving Class


0990202-Aboriginal Liuli Bead ClassAboriginal Liuli Bead Class

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